A comment about our reviews

A random person we will call, Dan, because that is the name he used without legitimate contact information accused this site of being paid to write reviews. Specifically for Gaia GPS. We ARE NOT paid to write any reviews period! We do offer a way to receive a discount on your Gaia GPS membership. [...]

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The Importance of Current Fire Information – Gaia GPS Map Layer

Gaia GPS offers the most map types and layers of any navigation app. Having a great topo map doesn't always show the full picture of where you are planning on traveling. If you are from out of state you may not have heard of a recent fire to an area you are wanting to [...]

The Importance of Current Fire Information – Gaia GPS Map Layer2020-06-16T17:45:48-07:00

Great Western Trail – Grand Staircase Trip Report Part I

There are many iconic trails in the west. The Great Western Trail is one of the lesser-traveled routes. The GWT starts at the southern AZ border and extends all the way to the Canadian border. There is no official well-detailed website with information on the Great Western Trail. Some information can be found at [...]

Great Western Trail – Grand Staircase Trip Report Part I2020-06-06T08:56:49-07:00

Our Gear List

Over the past 7 years, we have tried and tested a wide variety of camping gear. This is a list of what we pack and bring on a regular basis. We believe in buying quality gear that will last for years vs cheap disposable gear. Some of this comes down to personal preference. A [...]

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We Compare Gaia GPS to OnX Offroad and the Garmin Overlander GPS

Here is our competitive analysis of Gaia GPS vs OnX Offroad and Gaia GPS vs the Garmin Overlander.  After 7 years of use and comparing Gaia GPS to many competitors we still think Gaia GPS is the best app for offroad and overlanding. Do other apps have features we like? Yes, but Gaia is [...]

We Compare Gaia GPS to OnX Offroad and the Garmin Overlander GPS2020-07-06T12:39:26-07:00

Gaia GPS with Apple CarPlay Now Available

Gaia GPS recently released an update to the app which provides support for Apple CarPlay!  From Gaia GPS - "Today, we’re excited to deliver one of the most requested features yet — Apple CarPlay compatibility. This marks the first-ever CarPlay app built for offroad and overland adventures." Gaia GPS in Apple CarPlay will allow [...]

Gaia GPS with Apple CarPlay Now Available2020-03-17T12:19:01-07:00

23ZERO Peregrine 270 Awning Review

Why We Love Our 23ZERO Peregrine 270 Awning We have owned a competing brand 270 awning in the past and the Peregrine is much more durable. The newest model has 23ZERO's LST (Light Shielding Technology) in the fabric. You get SPF 50 protection with no light bleeding through. Setup is quick and easy. The [...]

23ZERO Peregrine 270 Awning Review2020-01-26T13:28:42-07:00

Our Off Grid Trailer DIY Modifications

Our Off Grid Trailer Expedition 2.0 Modifications. Descriptions and links for each modification are listed. Part of the fun of getting a new trailer is making it your own. Here's what we have done so far: (We've been busy!) (Updated February 27,2020) A complete gear review and overhaul. Added - aircraft-style L Track cargo [...]

Our Off Grid Trailer DIY Modifications2020-05-09T10:04:54-07:00