The Amazing Skotti Grill! Just a quick write up on the Skotti Grill. If you are looking for a great compact grill that is perfect for 2 people. Check out the Skotti. We have owned this for almost a year and it has been great to use. I meant to write a review much [...]


Inde Flate 4 Tire Inflate and Deflate System

We review the Inde Flate 4 Tire Inflate and Deflate System We resisted buying this device. We don’t need that. How well could it actually work? After seeing others use this and watching a number of reviews we caved and plopped down the old credit card.  Color us impressed! All you have to [...]

Inde Flate 4 Tire Inflate and Deflate System2021-02-16T20:03:16-07:00

Quick Take – 4Runner Phone and Tablet Mounts by Tackform

With the recent purchase of our 2021 4Runner, we needed a place to mount all of our electronic gadgets. A full build thread is in order but that probably won't happen until early 2021. It is more difficult to find good mounting spots as compared to our FJ Cruiser. After lots of research, we [...]

Quick Take – 4Runner Phone and Tablet Mounts by Tackform2020-12-26T13:03:29-07:00

Our Gear List

Over the past 9 11 years, we have tried and tested a wide variety of camping gear. This is a list of what we pack and bring on a regular basis. We believe in buying quality gear that will last for years vs cheap disposable gear. Some of this comes down to personal preference. [...]

Our Gear List2022-09-14T14:43:12-07:00

23ZERO Peregrine 270 Awning Review

Why We Love Our 23ZERO Peregrine 270 Awning We have owned a competing brand 270 awning in the past and the Peregrine is much more durable. The newest model has 23ZERO's LST (Light Shielding Technology) in the fabric. You get SPF 50 protection with no light bleeding through. Setup is quick and easy. The [...]

23ZERO Peregrine 270 Awning Review2020-01-26T13:28:42-07:00

Amazing Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

Here's another quick take post! Amongst my circle of camping and overlanding friends, I am known as the guy who hates fires. There are two main reasons. One I hate smoke! Two it really isn't the fire's fault but all those who are completely irresponsible with them and cause wildfires. I can't solve the [...]

Amazing Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit2020-05-08T15:56:47-07:00

Our Favorite Flashlights – Fenix Lights

Essential lighting for the trail and campsite Just in time for the holidays! We have gone through many flashlights through the decades. The good news is they keep getting better. Our favorite brand is Fenix Lights. The flashlights are built for a lifetime of use. We own 6 different models from them. (Someone really likes [...]

Our Favorite Flashlights – Fenix Lights2020-05-08T15:56:59-07:00

Our VRV Flyer Modifications April 2018 Update

FYI - We sold this trailer a couple of years ago. VRV is no longer in business. We cannot provide any additional advice on this trailer. Thanks! Here's an update with photos showing all the things we have done to our VRV Flyer trailer. If by chance you haven't read our intro article about [...]

Our VRV Flyer Modifications April 2018 Update2021-04-14T11:18:06-07:00
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