InReach Communications

First and foremost the InReach is an amazing device. I have no regrets purchasing one or paying for the basic monthly plan. Here is an example of a friend contacting me in need of assistance with his. No cell service available. I will list some key points and expand on why I think they are [...]

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Summer Trek 2016

It's far and probably too ambitious but here is the draft route for our BIG summer trek of 2016. The route takes us up to Plain, Wa for the Northwest Overland Rally and then to the following proposed locations: Cascades National Park for a quick visit Over to Sandpoint, ID East to Kalispell, MT and [...]

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Proud to announce Chris has joined the trailsoffroad team

TrailsOffroad is a new site with the goal of being the best source for off-road trail information. It is supported by a large number of writers across the country who are committed to mapping out detailed trail information along with periodic trail condition updates throughout the year. Chris has joined the team and will be [...]

Proud to announce Chris has joined the trailsoffroad team2016-10-24T16:20:57-07:00

Adventure Alert! Oregon Border to Border and NW Overland Rally

Plans still need to be finalized but we are working on a possible Oregon Border to Border run at the end of June. The start date would be June 20th from AZ with  start and the actual route on the 21st of June. The section we would do is Route 5 which is a primarily [...]

Adventure Alert! Oregon Border to Border and NW Overland Rally2016-10-24T16:20:57-07:00

Utah 2015

The dates have been set for Utah Border to Border 2015! May 24th-May 29th 2015! This is Memorial Day weekend so most should only have to take 4 days of PTO to do the run. May 23rd we will be meeting in the Flagstaff area or possibly Canyon De Chelly as a staging area. Details [...]

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Life Remotely, A great overlanding blog.

This is an amazing blog for those that are considering a lengthy Overlanding trek. The site talks about working remotely while on the road and just has tons of practical resources. Their cookbook looks good and they have a free eBook on overlanding. Now if someone can just finance my desire to bug out and [...]

Life Remotely, A great overlanding blog.2016-10-24T16:20:58-07:00