Updated on 8/13/2020 –¬†Photos with the additional quick-release mounts added.

Yet another modification to our trailer. Since we don’t have an RTT on top this is another way to expand the footprint of the trailer. For us, this room 8×8 will be used when camping with the dogs. Wife and dogs will be inside the trailer and I will get chucked out to the awning room like Fred Flinstone. This setup can be used as a bug room as well. With its large size a cot can be placed towards the outer edge and still leave plenty of room to move in and out of the awning room. At 8×8 4 adults can also sit in the room comfortably to keep out of the elements.

Because of the fender walls, you can’t get the awning perfectly flush to the side of the trailer. We are working on a few potential solutions to seal the wall panel and door area of the trailer. An update will be posted if we come up with a viable solution. One possible solution would be to stitch in another zipper to make a smaller hatch door. This would keep 75% of the interior wall zipped up and sealed.

One modification is the ability to move the awning forward when parked and back when moving with little effort. This will help place the awning door forward enough and also keep the awning in a more secure position when moving. For this solution, we are using 2 quick-release bracket systems from Ironman 4×4. The quick-release system makes it easy to remove the awning entirely for trips where we don’t feel it will be needed. Parts are listed below.

Ironman 4×4’s awning and room are similar to what ARB offers. With the awning being slightly cheaper. We have a hybrid setup with the Ironman awning and an ARB room. I was able to find better pricing at the time for the ARB room. We are happy with the quality of each and looking forward to tweaking and improving this setup over time.

These photos are from the first time we set everything up. In fact, the awning was installed the night before leaving for this trip.

When deploying this setup along with our 23Zero Peregrine 270 awning and walls the local tax authorities are likely to want to charge us property tax! We could even attach out OZ Tent RV-5 tent to either side of this setup for even more sleeping capacity. Yes, we are silly with all of our gear and proud of it!

Buckeye Reservoir on the Rimrocker Trail in Colorado.

Our 23Zero shower room can swing aft to clear the room with the bracket made by Off Grid Trailers.

All 3 walls can be mesh only or fabric panels.

Shown with awning as close to the trailer as possible. We have since moved the awning outward and will continue to tweak the setup.

In order for the awning door to line up with the trailer door the awning needs to be pretty far forward. We didn’t like that as a permanent setup. By adding two additional quick-release mounts it is easy to move the awning forward and aft as required.

Additional brackets allow the awning to move approximately 14″ forward and aft.

Forward position. The back of awning is forward of the end of the shower enclosure.

“Driving Position” the awning is as far back as we can get it.

Parts List:

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