A comment about our reviews

A random person we will call, Dan, because that is the name he used without legitimate contact information accused this site of being paid to write reviews. Specifically for Gaia GPS. We ARE NOT paid to write any reviews period! We do offer a way to receive a discount on your Gaia GPS membership. [...]

A comment about our reviews2020-07-06T17:51:54-07:00

So many adventures which should we do?

Time, money, and a few other things restrict ones ability to drive the earth. There are so many places to see and do in AZ and beyond. We are working on Utah 2015 along with some shorter "long weekend" adventures for 2014. The summer heat restricts our ability to do some of these so look [...]

So many adventures which should we do?2014-07-21T17:37:53-07:00

Planning for Utah 2015

Plans are already underway for our next big expedition. Utah Border to Border. Since this is not in our backyard even greater planning is involved than the Arizona Border to Border run. We are working on pre-run and post-run lodging so people can make the journey from AZ and have some time to rest before [...]

Planning for Utah 20152014-06-05T17:38:25-07:00

Inaugural AZ Border to Border run complete!

We just completed the 1st AZ Border to Border run. It was a huge success. 8 FJ's and 11 people participated. We are building the photo gallery and updating the guide for this run.

Inaugural AZ Border to Border run complete!2014-06-04T20:02:29-07:00
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