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Where the pavement ends your adventure begins!

AZ Peace Trail

AZ Border to Border 2014

UT BDR 2015

El Camino Del Diablo - Tijinas Altas

Overlanding, Expedition Adventures and Guide Services

4X Overland Adventures (4XOA) provides overlanding guide services in the southwest. We can help you plan expedition runs that are multi-day in nature. A true overland experience is on dirt backroads and four wheel trails. We offer turn-key adventures. All you have to do is show up with your vehicle. Read about our trip kits here. Tell us what you have and we can supplement any camping equipment required. Our guided adventures allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the hassles of planning a large trip in unfamiliar territory. We can provide additional support which you may not have when traveling solo.

We provide the opportunity to explore the back “roads” in some of the best locations in the Southwest. We can help you plan your own individual overland vacation. Leverage our experience and expertise while still enjoying a private journey.

Take a look at our previous adventures and feel free to contact us with questions.

Our Mission:

  • Leverage our experience and passion for overlanding by sharing it with a broad audience of people with diverse backgrounds and experience levels.
  • Mentor those who wish to gain additional expertise in four wheeling, overlanding, and the outdoors.
  • Support the local communities with charitable contributions along our overland routes.
  • Support local businesses with referral clients.
  • Support organizations which support responsible trail use.
  • Spread the joy of what it is like to be out of the city, without connectivity, just being surrounded by nature, around a campfire with great food and interesting people.

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