We review the Inde Flate 4 Tire Inflate and Deflate System

We resisted buying this device. We don’t need that. How well could it actually work? After seeing others use this and watching a number of reviews we caved and plopped down the old credit card. 

Color us impressed!

All you have to do is quickly connect each line and then start the inflation or deflation process.

First-time use in the driveway we achieved these numbers:

2 minutes to deflate from 38 lbs to 20 lbs.

We stopped the deflation process too many times to check the level.  Once we get a feel for the deflation rate we won’t check it every 15 seconds. 

Inflating is just as easy.

We own an Ironman 4×4 America 5.63 CFM compressor. 

From 20lbs:
2 min to 30lbs
6 min to 38lbs
6:45 min to 40lbs

Here’s why you might want to own one of your own:

No more bending over or squatting down for 4 tires, one at a time deflating and inflating them. #crackkills In the past we used a nice little chair to the stress off of our knees but now it isn’t needed!

It is very convenient to be able to stand in front of your vehicle or sit inside if the weather is bad and watch all 4 tires fill up.

While the Ironman compress is a great budget compressor it is not meant to have a standard air chuck where you can turn the flow on and off at the tire. You have to physically turn the compressor off to check the tire pressure. This is a minor inconvenience that is corrected with the Indeflate. Now we can stand at the front of the rig and check everything.

All done! Toyota it would be nice if you didn’t display a warning about the hood being open every 10 seconds.

Rigorous testing in the 4XOA Lab. (Driveway)

We might build a shorter custom hose to go from the compressor to the Indeflate.

The hardest part of this process is coiling the lines back up and putting them back in the bag. Adding a couple of velcro straps to keep the lines organized makes the job a lot easier. It isn’t that hard by the way.

You don’t have to inflate all 4 tires at once. The system is smart enough to know how many lines are connected. It will even equalize the pressure between tires. In a pinch, you can steal air from one side or your spare to “fill” / equalize your tire pressure. 

To learn more and purchase online visit Adventure Imports. There is also a 2 tire version available. If you have a slower compressor this would be the recommended version. Or you can simply only fill 2 tires at a time with the 4 tire version.

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