InReach Communications

First and foremost the InReach is an amazing device. I have no regrets purchasing one or paying for the basic monthly plan. Here is an example of a friend contacting me in need of assistance with his. No cell service available. I will list some key points and expand on why I think they are [...]

InReach Communications2019-07-08T08:21:43-07:00

How to Import Custom Maps into Gaia GPS

This quick tutorial will show you how to install custom maps into Gaia GPS. While Gaia offers a wide variety of mapping options you may have some more specific needs. For this example, we show how to add Google maps to the app. Gaia GPS removed these map layers based on Googles Terms of Service [...]

How to Import Custom Maps into Gaia GPS2016-10-24T16:20:57-07:00

How to open Zip files on your iPad and iPhone

  Although this tutorial will work with any zip file it is focused on dealing with GPX tracks which you find online but are in the zip file format. We will also discuss how to open a GPX file someone may have emailed you or you try to open via browser or even a file [...]

How to open Zip files on your iPad and iPhone2016-10-24T16:20:57-07:00

Our Navigation App of Choice – Gaia GPS

Most of us in the 4XOA family run Apple devices. This review is geared towards the iOS version of Gaia GPS but there is also an Android version available. If you don’t want to read any further, simply put Gaia GPS is one of the best applications for creating, following, importing, and exporting GPS [...]

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Planning tools and offline maps

Just a quick post on what tools I use to plan events and create routes. On my Mac I use a tool called, ADZE, it is a great application and well worth the $20.00 to register. This app helps me preview, edit and combine GPX routes that are sourced from the web. It has tools [...]

Planning tools and offline maps2016-10-24T16:20:58-07:00