Trails Offroad Now Offers Easy Integration with Gaia GPS.

January 2021 –

Trails Offroad, our favorite guide for offroad trails, now offers easy one-click integration with Gaia GPS! As you browse the catalog of over 2400+ trails on when you see something you like simply click the “Upload to Gaia GPS” button. The first time you do this Gaia will ask you to authorize the connection. After that, you are one click away from importing a new trail into Gaia GPS.

Step 1

When you click the upload button a dialog window will pop up showing the import into Gaia GPS is taking place.

When done the pop-up window closes. Then all you have to do is open the Gaia GPS app on your device, click the Saved icon and see the import under your folders or tracks list. The folder includes all of the imported data including waypoints.

Import complete with the trail data ready to use on your next adventure.

This great new functionality also works via your web browser on a laptop or desktop.

If you aren’t familiar with Trails Offroad it is the largest guide for offroad and overlanding trail data in the US. TrailsOffroad is actively looking for writers in Canada as well. You can sign up for a free account. This gives you a good idea of what TrailsOffroad offers. The premium, All Access, level is $25 per year. In our opinion, this is well worth it. Each trail is documented in thorough detail including a trail video, waypoints with photos, difficulty level, trail reviews, and more. For a couple of bucks a month you get a wealth of information. Trails change constantly. Trails Offroad writers are committed to keeping the trail data up to date.

As for Gaia GPS, regular readers know we have been using this app for nearly 8 years! It is still our favorite. The Gaia GPS team continues to grow while making continual improvements to the app and its 2nd to none map catalog with a premium membership.

4XOA helped connect the Trails Offroad team with Gaia GPS to help facilitate this great new feature. We are proud of our relationships in this industry. We will also continue to pay for and review other apps. We consider Gaia GPS the “Gold Standard” which other apps attempt to copy.

You can save on your Gaia GPS subscription by visiting We are a Gaia GPS affiliate and receive a small referral fee. We are also a affiliate.

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