With the recent purchase of our 2021 4Runner, we needed a place to mount all of our electronic gadgets. A full build thread is in order but that probably won’t happen until early 2021. It is more difficult to find good mounting spots as compared to our FJ Cruiser. After lots of research, we decided on the console mount from ICS Fabrication. Along with it, we wanted a more flexible mount for our iPad that allowed it to sit as low as possible. We found a great mount from Tackform. AMPS Drill Base Mount | 7″ Modular Arm | Tablet Holder | 20mm Ball System.

We were so happy with our new tablet mount that we ordered the phone mount as well.

Gaia here, Gaia there, Gaia everywhere! It is still our favorite off-pavement app.

The side grip does not interfere with the phone’s buttons unlike the Ram X-Grip.

A mix of Ram mounts and the Tackform mount. All on the very sturdy ICS platform. The InReach mount has been moved to the side of the ICS platform for better clearance. The phone ram mount has been replaced with one from Tackform.

Installation of the ICS Mount requires removing the radio and drilling 4 holes into the Toyota console. Not hard but make sure you triple check where you are drilling! ICC Fabrication provides a detailed installation video here.

We have long been a fan of what Ram offers but the X-Grip holders do not work well with the side buttons on our iPhone and iPad. Our phone mount will eventually be swapped out with a holder from Tackform.

Tackform offers nice clean designs. The double arms provide a lot of flexibility to change the position of your devices as required.

Our “final” electrical mod was to add a dual USB switchplate power port. This is wired into our Bluesea fuse block in the engine bay. This provides “always-on” power. Our electrical setup needs its own write-up. The port is out of the way and allows for shorter cords to be used for the iPhone and iPad which is nice.

InReach Mini, out of the way with a clear view of the sky.

Garmin “Spine Clip Holder” for InReach Mini pictured.

* We are an Amazon affiliate and Tackform affiliate. Using the provided links pays us a small fee if you choose to purchase these products.

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