DIY Rear Platform for Storage and Fridge Slide – Toyota 4Runner

Our FJ Cruiser has a very basic flat platform in it for our fridge slide and tracks to secure cargo. For the 4Runner we decided we wanted something that was better built and would level the entire back cargo area of the 4Runner when the seats are down. Our friends at Wolf Ridge Woodworking helped with the build. We simply don’t have the right tools to do quality woodwork.

We found plans for a nice platform on This saved a lot of time providing a nice design and cut list. The general dimensions are 43″ wide by 40″ deep. The bars are 1/34″ tall. This provides an even height across the back of the 4Runner. The platform even has a slide out tray to use for a quick meal or when pulling items out of the fridge. We may add a stainless steel top to the tray. We plan on putting carpet between the rails to prevent the wood from being damaged. The platform is secured using the bolt holes for the factory anchor points.

The cargo rails were purchased from US Cargo Control. They are the standard L-Track style. For this design, you can either buy the 48″ length rails and cut them down or use 3x 12″ rails with a few inch gap between them. We love straps from Rollercam to secure all of our car whether it is inside or outside of our rig. The Rollercam straps are easy to use and stay secure. Way better than traditional ratchet straps.

The fridge slide is from DFG Offroad. Made in the USA, DFG offers a wide variety of slides for all kinds of different fridge brands and models. They even have tilt slides for those with drawer systems. We chose one they have designed for a Snomaster fridge. Since the dimensions were similar on our Truma it has been a great fit.

The bolts to secure the platform can be found on Amazon. These worked well for us. M6 x 80mm (15 PCS) Flat Head Socket Cap Screw, 304 Stainless Steel, Bright Finish, Full Thread, Connection Bolts, Furniture Bolts. The original plans call for 70mm but that makes it more difficult to find the threaded factory holes.

Perfect for our Frontrunner Wolfpack boxes

DFG Offroad Slide with our Truma Dual Zone C69 Fridge

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