Quick Take Review – Costway Tabletop Water Heater

Updated: As of May 2020, this product is no longer available on Amazon. The closest comparable model would be from Mr. Heater:  Mr. Heater Basecamp Battery Powered Shower Heater We were looking for a portable water heater that could be used with our trailer or with vehicle only camping. The simple design and price point [...]

Quick Take Review – Costway Tabletop Water Heater2020-05-09T12:00:24-07:00

Expedition One AZFJ.org Mod Party

The weekend before our big trip to the Pacific Northwest we participated in a modification party hosted by Turtleback Trailers and AZFJ.org. At least 8 vehicles received modifications that day. A few folks installed both front and rear bumpers from Expedition One. Our FJ only got the front but when budgets allow I look forward [...]

Expedition One AZFJ.org Mod Party2016-07-22T10:33:59-07:00

First Look – Indel B 51 Fridge/Freezer

Recently I decided to upgrade my ARB 37 Quart fridge to an Indel B 51. The fridge was purchased through Equipt Expedition Outfitters. The goal was to get a bit more storage capacity while trying to not break the bank. Paul at Equipt Expedition Outfitters has done a thorough review. Here are my quick thoughts after [...]

First Look – Indel B 51 Fridge/Freezer2020-05-08T15:58:23-07:00

Storage Solutions

Updated May 2020 - We are all about being organized. It makes trips more enjoyable and it makes last-minute getaways even easier. Knowing where your stuff is and that it is easily accessible is very important. Here are some of our favorite storage solutions for gear, food, and water. This article was updated in [...]

Storage Solutions2020-05-11T10:11:31-07:00

Rescue Tape – A must have item in your gear box

On our recent trip to the North Rim one of our fellow travelers had a water line leak on his trailer sink. A first glance we thought it was at the connecting point of the hose to the trailer plumbing. We were wrong. It was actually coming from where the hose goes into the connection [...]

Rescue Tape – A must have item in your gear box2016-10-24T16:20:57-07:00
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