Gear reviews, stuff we have used, stuff we have liked, and stuff we didn’t like. That pretty much sums up the theme for these future articles. We have been camping since childhood and “overlanding” for 5 years with our FJ Cruiser along with an assortment of gear and different trailers.

Friends of Chris say he has 3 of everything and usually brings it on each trip. Well through the years we have purchased a lot of gear, tested it, tried it, sold it, etc.

New articles will be coming soon to discuss a variety of gear. Hopefully these will help folks just getting started out. It may save you a few bucks or it might cost you a few bucks but all of this gear has been adventure tested.

We certainly don’t know it all and when we find other articles on worthwhile gear and reviews we will share them.

Topics to include:

  • Tents we have used
  • Cots, matts, bedding
  • Storage options
  • Cooking gear
  • Lighting (Flashlights, LED Strip lights, lanterns)
  • Charging keeping all of your “required” gadgets powered up
  • Heat and cooling
  • Toilets
  • Water storage
  • Showers, pumps, sinks, and keeping clean
  • Kitchen gear (Is a titanium spork mandatory equipment?)
  • Radio communications (CB, Ham, Handhelds)
  • Emergency Communication
  • Coolers and refrigerators
  • Recovery gear
  • Trailers! We have owned 4 different types in 5 years.

Each article will show what we currently use and why we like it. We will then discuss any other gear in that category that we have tried. If we can find a review elsewhere for the same product we will share the link(s). Not everything has to be “Overland Approved.” A reference to it must be expensive or you’re not a real overlander. A great example is flatware. We use a $9 set of flatware from Ikea. Works great and you won’t cry if you lose some of it.

Anyone have a flashlight?

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