Why We Love Our 23ZERO Peregrine 270 Awning

We have owned a competing brand 270 awning in the past and the Peregrine is much more durable. The newest model has 23ZERO’s LST (Light Shielding Technology) in the fabric. You get SPF 50 protection with no light bleeding through. Setup is quick and easy. The awning provides a large shaded area. Adding the walls provides a huge covered and walled in area.

23 Zero Peregrine 270 Awning

We also love string lights from Revel Gear and our Pop-up Firepit.

Setup –

Setting up the awning only takes minutes. Especially in a low wind situation when you would like some quick shade. Poles are not required but if you use them it takes pressure off of the hinge points. Something we think is always a good idea. If you use the optional walls then all 5 poles are required to support the additional weight.

Setting up the walls can be done solo in about 10 minutes. You can cut that time in half with a helper. The zippers are solid and work well. The most time consuming portion is staking everything down. (See gadgets below) 23ZERO sells two large panels. A door in one of the panels is provided. Although with our setup it is pretty easy to walk out the front or back. Each panel is well marked. Once you have set them up a couple of times the process is quick and easy.

23 Zero Peregrine 270 Awning

23 Zero Peregrine 270 Awning

When it’s cold running a propane fire keeps it comfy under the awning.

Once setup with the walls you have now created a massive covered patio to your trailer or vehicle. 6-8 people can fit under the awning comfortably. In cold weather we like to run a propane fire pit. This can raise the temperature inside 10-20 degrees.

Teardown –

For teardown the best tip we can provide is there are 3 bars on the left/back of the awning and two on the right/front. When you go to close the two front bars push them UNDER the fabric of the first bar on the left. This allows the bars to touch the metal backplate and ensure the most compact closure. When you push the remaining 3 left bars in make sure all of the fabric is stretched out as much as possible into nice triangles. At the 38 second mark in our setup video you can see how the front bars are underneath the rear bars. When zipping up the cover it helps to make sure the lower bars are as high as possible. This gives the cover the most room and lessens the chance of catching any fabric when closing. We will add a video and photos soon describing the process. The walls when folded neatly fit back into the provided bags.

Enhancements –

What else to add to add to your setup. Stronger stakes. While the stakes/pegs provided by 23ZERO are sufficient in the right soil type they do not work well in soft dirt and sand. No traditional stakes do. We highly recommend the screw in type. Orange Screw, orangescrew.com, makes 2 types. They offer large and small versions. We prefer the large but carry both types. Using these devices will ensure your awning with or without walls will stay secure. To make things simple and fast we also like using Rope Ratchets on one end of the roads and carabiners on the other end. Links to all of the products are below. Especially when base camping, using these extra gadgets makes us feel confident we can leave camp with everything setup and not worry about any surprise wind or weather.

To Purchase Online: Visit 23ZERO

In Summary –

We are completely happy with our awning. It provides a great amount of coverage to provide shade or protect you from the elements. Setup and teardown are easy. 23ZERO also makes a great 180 degree awning if you don’t need coverage in the back of your vehicle or trailer.

Enjoying some cold weather camping with friends on the Mojave Road. January 2020

Gadgets We Like To Make Setup Even Faster

Rope Ratchets:

Rope ratchets provide a quick way to secure and tighten the awning lines. For our ropes we have a carabiner on one end and the rope ratchet on the other. Once you have a peg in the ground they are easy to attach. We use some upgraded pegs with holes for the rope ratchet hooks.

Rope Ratchet 10016 Ratcheting Tie Down Rope Hanger Pulley, 1/4″ & 150 lbs Weight Capacity Only, As Pictured
by Rope Ratchet
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Orange Screws:

If you are in soft dirt or sandy conditions the Orange Screws will ensure you awing, tent, etc will stay put.
Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchor | Large 2 Pack | Made in USA
by Orange Screw
Purchase on Amazon

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