A random person we will call, Dan, because that is the name he used without legitimate contact information accused this site of being paid to write reviews. Specifically for Gaia GPS.

We ARE NOT paid to write any reviews period! We do offer a way to receive a discount on your Gaia GPS membership. That is an affiliate link which is very common in this industry. It has also been stated in many articles that we do receive a small fee IF people sign up with Gaia GPS.  This is vastly different than writing fake reviews. We have used Gaia GPS for over 7 years. We have also tried just about every other navigation app out there. Especially if it is on the iOS platform which we prefer. We pay annual fees for other apps so we can constantly monitor what they are doing and if there is some other feature or app we end up preferring.

Our reviews are an opinion. Take it or leave it. With regards to Gaia GPS if we find an app that works better we will gladly use it. We will also gladly write about it. If a future review on a competing product does not sing its praises it is not because someone paid us to say so. It will be because based on our opinion it is not better.

In case anyone is confused there is now a link at the bottom of every page which shows who we have affiliate links with. I do not know how else I can make it any more clear. We will ALWAYS disclose if someone has furnished 4XOA with a product for review. Guess what, that does not mean the review would be glowing or favorable.

Integrity is everything and we will defend it when wrongfully accused. If you don’t like our reviews or feel that referral fees/affiliate links are the same as being paid to write fake reviews that is up to you.

This horse has been beaten to death enough. We love Gaia GPS and have worked with them for years to help make it a better app for the overlanding/offroad community. This is why our reviews are favorable. When there are things we don’t like we mention it. There are no strings attached.

Safe travels

Chris, owner 4x Overland Adventures LLC.

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