Time, money, and a few other things restrict ones ability to drive the earth. There are so many places to see and do in AZ and beyond. We are working on Utah 2015 along with some shorter “long weekend” adventures for 2014. The summer heat restricts our ability to do some of these so look for stuff when it’s only 90 degrees in Phoenix. If you have an idea for a great long weekend adventure post it up on our Facebook page.

Expedition Portal has tons of great ideas. You could spend a lifetime just reading that web site and not get through all of it.

Here’s a good starting point for western AZ and CA.

Mohave Desert: Beyond “The Road” Part I

Swansea, Arizona and The Hualapai Mountains sound like a good adventure. 

This isolated ghost town lies about half way between Lake Havasu and Alamo Lake along the Bill Williams River, with roughly 20 miles of dirt protecting it from the nearest tarmac. Most of the crumbling buildings of this once booming mining town are open to walk through on a self-guided tour, and plenty of side roads lead to other ruins and geologic points of interest. There are also five fire rings right in the middle of town, which are my recommendation for an overnight stay—there’s nothing like the creaking ruins of a ghost town to fill your dreams with… adventure!

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