A better way to secure your Roof Top Tent (RTT). I was tired of messing with the “green ropes” provided with my RTT. I just didn’t find them easy to use and they were a pain to roll up and store with the tent. So I came up with a better solution. In high wind situations this works great. There is plenty of rope to find a secure place to hammer in the stakes. Next time out I will take a photo of the setup.

2 Carabiners
Rope of your choice – I went with some bright 7mm rope
Ratchet tiedown with hooks
Stakes with hole at top

All purchased from Amazon with the exception of my rope choice.

Carolina North 10026 3/8″ Rop Ratchet, 250 lbs Capacity
Link: https://amzn.com/B006P3B7XK $8.99
I choose this size but there are other options.

Visit roperatchet.com for product details.

Weanas® Forged Steel Burly Tent Solid Stakes Casting Pegs Footprint 8inch (4-Pack)
Link: https://amzn.com/B00UX073ZW $14.99

Carabiners from REI but you can get them anywhere keep it simple

Rope – 7mm Accessory Chord – $14.99
New England Pre Cut Accessory Cord
Link: https://amzn.com/B003IMUYEO

or just about anything else like this
BlueWater PreCut Accessory Cord
by BlueWater Ropes
Link: https://amzn.com/B00182XRZY

The free end of the rope gets fed through the ratchet and pull to desired tightness. The carabiner side connect to the black ring connectors on the RTT. The nice thing about this setup is you are able to secure the ropes nearly vertical to the outer edge of the RTT. This makes it less likely to trip over the ropes.

Sample setup

Teach yourself how to tie nice loop knots.

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