This is a closed event due to the limited number of vehicles allowed. Information for those that are participating is listed here.




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Meetup Location: TBD

Itinerary: (Not Finalized)

Some are going to be near Ajo thursday night, otherwise meeting early Friday morning.  Those that can obtain their permits prior to the trip are highly encouraged to do so.  There are two BLM offices in the greater Phoenix area that can issue.  Those that need permits will get them as soon as CPNWR offices open Friday Ajo (8am).  We will stagger the permitting if there are more than 4-5 of us that need them.

There will be two groups, at least one trailer in each.  This will keep the “4 or fewer” vehicle requirement met.  We will then meet up for camping.

Those that have room are encouraged to bring a bag of firewood, I’ll likely bring two bags worth.

For meals, each party is responsible for their own lunches.

We will do group breakfast and dinners.  Dinners Friday and Saturday, breakfasts Saturday and Sunday.

Jim has offered his mountain man breakfast for one morning, and I think Chris offered pancakes for the other.

Dinners are to be determined.

If others wish to make sides or desserts, those are absolutely welcome!

Turn waypoint from 85 to enter camping area (gpx)
Camping spot area (GPX file)


Day one will be a long drive to Christmas pass with stops for pictures, and lunch along the way.
Camp at Christmas Pass

Head up and back from Copper Mountains (This is a developing plan part)
Back on to ECCD to Tijinas Altas for Camp Night 2

Break Camp from TA tank then on to Fortuna Mine – Several hours of exploration in the morning.
Exit at Yuma – back to home on I-8.

General Trail Info

International Space Station Viewing on ECDD:

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