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The dates have been set for Utah Border to Border 2015! May 23rd-May 29th 2015! This is Memorial Day weekend so most should only have to take 4 days of PTO to do the run. What does the $50 get you? We are planning all of the group breakfast and dinners for this expedition. You can sit back, relax, and feed your face! As the date gets closer we will list the menu. Fees for camping will be divided equally amongst the group.

Run description courtesy of Backcountrydiscoveryroutes.com:

The Utah Backcountry Discovery Route, or UTBDR, is a scenic driving route across the state of Utah, from Arizona to Idaho, for dual-sport adventure motorcycles and 4×4 vehicles. This 871 mile long south-north route uses mostly un-paved backroads and will pass through a number of iconic locations including Moab, Valley of the Gods, the Abajo and La Sal Mountain Ranges, Nine Mile Canyon, and the northern Wasatch Mountains.

Route Plan: (Under development)

We will go the traditional way of south to north and include a pit stop for 2 nights along the way. This will likely be in a campground with facilities (showers, laundry, etc.) The Utah BDR finishes at Bear Lake which is on the UT/ID border. At the completion of our adventure folks can head home or we are working on lodging in Park City, UT. Park City is about a 11 hour drive to Phoenix and 2.5 from the end of the Utah BDR. A dedicated page with additional details will be created once they are made. This is just a teaser so folks can make plans. We will limit this run to 10 vehicles. So who is in!?

Day 0: Meet in Mexican Hat for pre-run meetup camping
Day 1: Sunday May 24th. We officially start the Utah Border to Border run. Leave Mexican Hat by 10:00am remember UT is one hour later than AZ!

Download GPX Overview – This is a high level overview. Track will not look exact.





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