I had the opportunity to do a nice upgrade to our off road trailer. I was able to sell my old TJM Yulara RTT to a neighbor so that meant and upgrade was in order. While it is the slow season for camping I have a few trips planned this winter season. I went to ExpeditionInspired.com for a new CVT RTT and roof rack. I sold my old DIY rack along with the RTT because it fit a neighbors trailer perfectly. The goal was to have a slightly nicer rack and move it aft to help improve the CG of the trailer. I ended up purchasing a CVT Mt. Rainier tent. We now have a tent which is just shy of a Kingsize mattress. Thanks to Dave from Expedition Inspired / Turtleback Trailers for helping with the upgrade.

CVT Mt Rainer Tent


Expedition Inspired Roof Rack

One additional improvement was made. Expedition Inspired now sells protection for the front of the cargo boxes. Based on our mud and rock fest in Utah this summer I think it is a worthwhile upgrade.

You can shop for tents and other DIY parts at, https://expeditioninspired.com/ and of course if you don’t want to attempt at building your own trailer a Turtleback is an excellent option.

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