Here’s a quick list of all the trailers we have owned and the pros and cons for each from our current trailer to our first trailer.

Off Grid Expedition 2.0 Squaredrop Trailer

We love our Off Grid trailer! It is a culmination of years of camping and overlanding to find the perfect trailer for us.

Where to Buy: We are an Off Grid Trailer Ambassador. Contact us and we can help you build your own trailer.

Pros Cons
Purpose built trailer made in Canada Trailer track is slightly wider than track of our FJ Cruiser. This might limit use on tight trails. Otherwise, if your vehicle can make it the Off Grid can make it.
Sleep indoors in comfort We would like a Partner Stove vs the Dometic. This is a minor issue. The larger 22″ Partner stove couldn’t fit in the Off Grid drop down box. In reality we cook on an open flame or grill most of the time anyway.
Optional Propex heater makes the sleeping quarters warm regardless of outdoor temperature Trailer with an RTT may be too tall to fit in a standard height garage door opening. Without an RTT it is approximately 80″ tall depending on tire size
Rugged build
No wood all metal
Plenty of gear storage. Especially the interior cabinets. They are huge!
Base price models are ready to camp
A trailer built for extended journeys
Fast build time 60-90 days
For an extended family optional 23 Zero tents and awnings which are fantastic.

VRV Squaredrop

Our first “Teardrop” style trailer. Thanks for showing us we love to sleep indoors.

Where to Buy: No longer in production. Visit IntechRV for a couple of similar styles.

Pros Cons
Roomy square drop with lots of storage space Exterior skin was too thin to handle abrasions on a tight trail. 2 small dents from branches during our 2 years of ownership.
Bed could be converted into a couch platform No kitchen or water options
Torsion axle has a lot of bounce
Tongue could only use bolt on hitch options. Most off road trailers use a receiver end on the tongue to use whatever setup you like.

2017 Turtleback Expedition Trailer

We loved our Turtleback. Great build quality. Built for any trail. If your vehicle can make it the Turtleback can make it. Turtleback has 2 other models to suit other needs. Turtlebacks are typically outfitted with 23 Zero tents and awnings which are fantastic. If you don’t want to sleep indoors take a look at what Turtleback has to offer.

Where to Buy:

Pros Cons
Purpose built trailer. Made in the USA Trailer may be too tall to fit in a standard height garage door opening
Great kitchen We prefer not to sleep in a RTT or ground tent
Lots of storage
A trailer built for extended journeys
Typically outfitted with 23 Zero tents and awnings which are fantastic.

DIY “Turtleback” Style Trailer

No you can’t build a trailer just like brand X,Y or Z for less money. Very few people have the time, equipment, and skills to replicate what a quality shop can build. With that said we loved having the opportunity to build an amazing DIY trailer. It gave me a great appreciation for the cost and effort required.

Where to Buy: Where to buy – Craiglist, etc. Then use your skills and imagination.

Pros Cons
Build it as you see fit and to your specifications If you have to pay people to build to your specification costs will rise quickly!
This trailer had a crazy amount of storage and was built to be a support trailer for group trips Even with lots of free time it took 6 months to build the trailer
Nice kitchen and shower with plenty of water storage The trailer will never be as refined as a production model
Be honest with yourself. Do you have the time and experience to build a trailer? If you do great!

M416 Military Trailer

This was our first trailer. It proved to us that pulling a trailer really wasn’t that big of a deal. It expanded our gear hauling capabilities and made trips easier to take. Most people modify these styles of trailers with a lid and tent rack. We never got around to putting a lid on it.

Where to Buy: Where to buy – Craiglist, etc. Then use your skills and imagination.

Pros Cons
Lightweight. You hardly feel the trailer behind your vehicle. No cover to keep dust, mud, and water from getting all over our gear
Where your vehicle can go your trailer trailer can go Not ergonomic to lift gear in and out of the trailer. Especially if you like larger storage boxes
Even a small trailer can greatly expand your camping capabilities and make it more convenient to quickly load up and hit the trail. No kitchen
The most budget friendly No Built in Water Storage
No trailer brakes but with a trailer this light some would say you don’t need them.
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