Since 2013 we have been very active in the overland community. It all started with the purchase of our 2011 FJ Cruiser.  We have enjoyed thousands of miles of trails, many great adventures, a few wrong turns, lots of gear, and a few different trailers. We are excited to share that we are purchasing a new Off Grid Expedition 2.0 Squaredrop/Teardrop trailer.

Our rationale for purchasing our Off Grid Expedition 2.0 trailer may not be the same as yours. Everyone has different requirements. The experience we have gained by owning a variety of different trailers has led us to purchase the Expedition 2.0. We are here to share our experience in the hope you find some useful information.

So grab your favorite beverage, a comfortable chair and read at your leisure.

The driver side offers a shower, access to the dual Group 31 batteries, inverter, and gear storage.
The optional front rack will be used to store firewood and miscellaneous gear.
The passenger side has a Dometic dual burner stove and sink with hot/cold water. The trailer has a 31-gallon water tank.
A 60qt Dometic fridge is included in the base price of the trailer.

Why a Teardrop?

We started with an “easy-up” tent. In 6 years we have owned a variety of different trailer and gear setups. Each with its own pros and cons. We have been super comfortable, wet, cold, and the worst of the worst cold and wet! We now enjoy sleeping indoors vs any type of tent. We are dry, out of the elements, there is no setup, and you can just set the brake and go to bed if need be. They are great for quick naps too!

The Path To Our Off Grid Expedition 2.0 –

If you want to learn about all of our different trailer experiences we will be writing an article very soon.

As compared to a tent if it is cold, rainy, or generally not nice out it’s great to open the door, crawl inside and go to sleep in a teardrop. No need to pack up wet gear, air out a tent, or run a heater when it’s cold.  (Although our Off Grid has one!) When we are ready to leave it is as simple as packing up a few items, closing the awning and hitting the trail. If you are in a hurry due to weather conditions you can break camp very quickly. Our first teardrop was a more basic design. It did prove that we like sleeping indoors. However, we wanted a more capable trailer along with some of the conveniences we had in previous trailers. Our extensive search began 6 months ago.

OK! Why Off Grid? and Why the Expedition 2.0

  1. Craftsmanship – This is very important to us. No corners cut. Built to last.
  2. Rugged design – Tibren suspension, all-metal construction, easy access to wiring and water tank, well thought out accessories
  3. Built for the trail – A 50 degree rear departure angle which will clear even the roughest terrain.
  4. Convenience – Built-in kitchen, water, and well thought out storage areas – If you haven’t experienced the convenience of a quick camp setup and takedown you don’t know what you are missing. We do lots of trips where we pack up daily. An Off Grid makes this easy. Having our trailer packed and ready to go less food and clothing allows us to take more trips, longer trips, and more last-minute trips. We rarely forget anything because it is already packed. Other than pillows. Way too many purchased on the road. 🙂
  5. Passion – I believe the owners of Off Grid are as passionate about this lifestyle as we are. They offer two great teardrop designs

Our trailer will have the following optional items:

  • A custom wrap
  • Propex Propane Heater
  • Front Storage Rack
  • Spare Tire Mount – We will be matching the trailer rims with our FJ as soon as it arrives.
  • A 23 Zero 270 Awning will be added later
  • A 23 Zero Shower Tent will be added later

We are not purchasing a roof-top tent. There is no need with just the 2 of us. We are not getting the Dometic Fridge/Freezer. We already own one!

What’s Next?

Lots of future adventures with our Off Grid trailer! You will rarely see us at a campground. You will see a lot more photos of our setup off the beaten path, away from cell coverage, and nowhere near other groups of people. Off Grid builds products that help make this happen.

We are planning to write a variety of articles on how we pack. What we like to eat. Where we like to go. What we have learned through the years of our different setups. I still have a garage full of a few different setups!

Off Grid Ambassador

I am excited to announce that I am an ambassador for Off Grid Trailers. What does this mean? I am here to represent the brand, help prospective owners learn more about the product offering and help buyers through the purchasing process. By working with us you can receive a $500 discount on your trailer purchase! (*This cannot be combined with any other Off Grid promotions, if available).

As soon as our trailer arrives if you are in the Phoenix area I will be available to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.

Based on my 6 years of experience and many different trailers I feel I can give objective advice. I can also help you plan your first few trips if you are new to the overlanding world. Some of our past trips include: The Arizona, Utah and Idaho Border to Border Backcountry Discovery Routes, the Mohave Road, El Camino Del Diablo, the Great Western Trail, Baja Mexico, North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas, and lots of other smaller adventures around the 4 corners region.

We adventure all the time and enjoy introducing new people to what is out there. Even as backcountry camping, car camping, overlanding (I don’t care what you call it just go outdoors) becomes more popular there are always new areas to explore.

To learn more about Off Grids product offering click here.

Feel free to drop us a line with your questions. We are excited about our future with our Expedition 2.0 trailer and helping others learn more about Off Grid’s great product line.

Remember where the pavement ends your adventure begins!

Chris and Annette Kracht
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