Update: There is a new version of the Luminoodle on Kickstarter. The campaign ends soon. The new version has an on/off switch, there is a dimmer control, and now colors along with some other features. I am looking forward to the dim control and being able to use red lighting to reduce the amount of bugs that get attracted to lights.

We are obsessed with cool lighting gadgets. From the solar charged Luci lights to rechargeable flashlights can one really have enough? Well now here comes the Luminoodle rope lights. The latest "must have" item. I have an always on USB port in my vehicle. My trailer also has one in the back kitchen area. While the trailer has lighting these could be used for a better overall light and or used on my future Foxwing Awning.

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign. USB power led rope lighting. Many of us have portable USB battery packs that will work with this. USB extension cords also exist and might work to plug this into your vehicle/trailer if you have an always on port.

So check them out!

- Chris

Articles on the product:


$19.00 and you can buy them here:

We just missed out on the cool extra goodies via the Kickstarter campaign by a few minutes. Guess I should have finished looking at this last night. Power Practical makes several other cool products.

I really think these would be a great accessory for any trailer and certainly a #TurtlebackTrailer since they have available USB ports.

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