On our recent trip to the North Rim one of our fellow travelers had a water line leak on his trailer sink. A first glance we thought it was at the connecting point of the hose to the trailer plumbing. We were wrong. It was actually coming from where the hose goes into the connection fitting. Rescue tape to the rescue! We simply put about a foot of this stuff around the area and the leak stopped. This is cheap insurance for all kinds of items that carry fluids on your vehicle or trailer. You can purchase it from Amazon for around $10.00. There are several color options. For complete details visit the manufacturers web site at: https://www.rescuetape.com/index.php

You should always carry a small tool bag and box for items like this. You just never know when you may need it. I have a single FrontRunner Wolfpack box with my tool bag and all of the other miscellaneous items I need to overlanding. The list will continue to grow over time but the goal is to have most everything fit into an easily accessible box.

Our next must have item is Gorilla Tape…


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