April 2018

Our VRV Flyer Modifications April 2018 Update


Here's an update with photos showing all the things we have done to our VRV Flyer trailer. If by chance you haven't read our intro article about the VRV Flyer here it is. With the accumulation of a lot of different camping gear over the last 5 years I am always trying to re-use things [...]

Our VRV Flyer Modifications April 2018 Update2019-08-30T09:24:04-07:00

March 2018

Intro to our new upcoming series of articles


Gear reviews, stuff we have used, stuff we have liked, and stuff we didn't like. That pretty much sums up the theme for these future articles. We have been camping since childhood and "overlanding" for 5 years with our FJ Cruiser along with an assortment of gear and different trailers. Friends of Chris say he [...]

Intro to our new upcoming series of articles2018-03-18T07:17:31-07:00

Quick Take Review – Costway Tabletop Water Heater


We were looking for a portable water heater that could be used with our trailer or with vehicle only camping. The simple design and price point of the Costway heater motivated us to give it a try. So here are our first thoughts. We will update this article after some trail use.   Made by [...]

Quick Take Review – Costway Tabletop Water Heater2018-03-27T18:35:48-07:00

October 2017

Our VRV Flyer Teardrop – Introduction


For several reasons we decided to sell our Turtleback Expedition trailer and try something new. Turtleback makes great trailers. The kitchen and water setup in the Expedition are as close to perfection as you can get. We decided we wanted to try living indoors for a change. I tend to do a lot of winter [...]

Our VRV Flyer Teardrop – Introduction2018-04-27T07:26:35-07:00

June 2017

MVUM Map Layer Now Available in Gaia GPS Premium


Great news the MVUM map layer is now available to all premium subscribers. It is available in the cloud application and the iOS and Android apps. MVUM maps are the "law of the land" when it comes to legal access to the national forests which have them. In our screenshots, we are using a section [...]

MVUM Map Layer Now Available in Gaia GPS Premium2018-02-16T09:49:42-07:00

May 2017

A New Version of GAIA GPS has been released!


A completely new version of Gaia GPS written from the ground up has been released for iOS. Additional map layers have been added for all pro users including the cloud site and Android. The biggest addition is the National Geographic map layers. We will be rolling out more articles on the new version once we [...]

A New Version of GAIA GPS has been released!2018-02-16T09:50:22-07:00

January 2017

2017 Winter Fridge Shootout


Dog not included - Pictured the Dometic CFX-65DZ, ARB 50, SnoMaster USA 60D, Indel B 51, and the ArkPak 715 we used to power and test each fridge with. Winter 2017 Fridge Shootout: By Christopher Kracht There are a number of new refrigerators on the market so we wanted to take the opportunity [...]

2017 Winter Fridge Shootout2018-08-12T21:52:47-07:00

September 2016

How to Import Custom Maps into Gaia GPS


This quick tutorial will show you how to install custom maps into Gaia GPS. While Gaia offers a wide variety of mapping options you may have some more specific needs. For this example, we show how to add Google maps to the app. Gaia GPS removed these map layers based on Googles Terms of Service [...]

How to Import Custom Maps into Gaia GPS2019-11-15T21:12:30-07:00

August 2016

How to open Zip files on your iPad and iPhone


  Although this tutorial will work with any zip file it is focused on dealing with GPX tracks which you find online but are in the zip file format. We will also discuss how to open a GPX file someone may have emailed you or you try to open via browser or even a file [...]

How to open Zip files on your iPad and iPhone2016-10-24T16:20:57-07:00

July 2016

Expedition One Mod Party


The weekend before our big trip to the Pacific Northwest we participated in a modification party hosted by Turtleback Trailers and At least 8 vehicles received modifications that day. A few folks installed both front and rear bumpers from Expedition One. Our FJ only got the front but when budgets allow I look forward [...]

Expedition One Mod Party2016-07-22T10:33:59-07:00