Dometic CFX-65DZ: Retail Price $699.99

Dometic CFX-65DZ

Freezer section installed

Web Site: CFX-65DZ Product Information

Intro Video:

Review from TCT Magazine:

Dometic is making a big push into the US market with a new very efficient compressor. It was best in class out of the 4 models we tested. Waeco is the brand name used in Australia so some of you may be familiar with seeing other models tested in similar reviews. Dometic acquired Waeco in 2007.

Dometic understands you may want to keep some stuff frozen and provides a unique way to do this. They offer a method of blocking off a section of the fridge to hold the temperatures down in that area while keeping the rest of the fridge at standard fridge temperatures. It looks like Dometic may be updating its branding. All the models pictured on the website are now black and grey vs blue and grey as the model we tested.


  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Ability to act as a freezer and fridge at the same time
  • Competitive pricing for the units and accessories
  • Reversible door


  • No drain plug
  • Cooldown time took a bit longer than on some other models.
  • If you need a larger freezer section the SnoMaster 60D would be a better option

Specifications from Dometic:

Capacity: 61L
Height: 22.09in
Width: 26.03in
Depth: 17.92in
Weight: 51lbs (empty)
Voltage: 12 / 24 / 120
Rate Current: 5.5 / 2.6 / 0.63
Compressor type: Waeco VMSO 2

Cover: $65.00
Wireless Remote: $58.00
Fridge Slide: $179.00

Our Test Results:

ModelTemperature SettingAmp Hours Used in 24 HoursAverage per hour
Dometic CFX-65DZ1516.46 (After 26 hours!)
WINNER for least amp draw
No freezer wall installed357.47.31
No freezer wall installed1726.891.12

Testing Notes:
Fridge set at 15 degrees F to use as a fridge freezer. Power Consumption: 3.3-3.45ah when running.

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